Geological formation of Telangana

Geological formation of Telangana

Geological formation of Telangana : –

 Telangana in formed out of many rock

1. Archean/Pre-cambrian rock system

  -It is the oldest rock system of the earth’s crust.During this period life was started (Photosyntheris)

  -These rocks donot contains fossits

   Ex:- Granili, Gneirs etc

  -These rocks contain many metallic and non metallic minirals

2. Gondwana Rock system/carboniferous/Dravidian rock system

 -There have huge coal deposit

3. Vindhyan rock System:

  -It is famous for red sand stone and Building material. Golkonda diamond was  excavated from   here.

Anathagiri Kondalu:-                          

-Location: Vikarabad

-Birth place of river “Musi” (Ananthapadmanabha Swamy Temple located here)

-Papikondalu:- Location – Kothagudem, Godavari flows between these hillocks

Godavari basis:-

Godavari valley is located in Gondwana rock belt.It is famous for coal reserves

Krishna Piedmont:-

Piedmont :- Soil deposition at the foot hills of mountain

It is developed on Archean rock system/pre-cambrian rock system

-Nallamala Kondalu also known as Amrabad hillocks in Nagar Kurnool and Nalgonda distrsicts

-It is developed on quartz                    -Average height is 520mts

-It in one of the oldest hillocks in the world, Spread between the Krishna and penna rives

Geological formation of Telangana

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