social issues model questions and answers

social issues model questions and answers

Social Issues Model Questions and Answers

1.The first Geographical Indication in Telangana region was accorded to:
A. Pochampally Dress Designs
B. HyderabadiHaleem
C. HyderabadiBiryanai
D. Pembarthi Metal craft

2. Nataraja Rama Krishna is an expert of which dance
A. Oggu-Katha B. Perini Shiva Tandavam
C. Kuchupudi D. Kathakali

3. ‘Gusadi’ Dance is popular in which district of Telangana?
A. Nizamabad B. Khammam
C. Warangal D. Adilabad

4. Evidences of an ancient dance form, Perini Shiva Thandavam, is found in the Sculptures of:
A. 100 pillar Temple
B. Ramappa Temple
C. KomaravelliVerabhadraswamy Temple.
D. Mallikarjuna Swami Temple

5. UjjaniMahankali Temple in Secunderabad was built by who and in which year?
A. VenkataRamana Chary, 1915
B. SuritiAppaya, 1815
C. EKK Yadagiri Rao, 1940
D. ParavasruLokeshwar, 1845


1.A 2.B 3.D 4.B 5.B


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